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About Mission Basundhara

In a bid to streamline and resolve and make land revenue services more accessible to citizens, 'Mission Basundhara' conceptualized under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam. The mission envisages to reduce the pendency in updation of land records, through mission mode accelerated disposal of services sought by citizens and creating an ease of doing business environment in the land management ecosystem.

The seven land related services to be provided through Basundhara 2.0 portal are:

1.Settlement of Khas and ceiling Surplus land

2.Settlement of Occupancy Tenant

3.Settlement of special cultivators

4.Settlement of hereditary land of Tribal Communities

5.Settlement of AP transferred land from original AP holder

6.Regularization of settlement of PGR VGR LAND

7.Online payment of Land Revenue

The three components of the mission are - i. Purification of land records in a mission mode ii. Polygon survey of yet to be surveyed 672 non-cadastral villages iii. Re-survey of 18789 cadastral villages of 27 districts using hybrid methodology.

The nine land related services to be provided through Basundhara portal are:

1.Mutation by right of inheritance

2.Mutation after deed registration

3.Partition for undisputed cases

4.Conversion from Annual Patta to Periodic Patta

5.Reclassification of agricultural land to non agricultural land less than 1 bigha

6.Striking out of name from patta

7.Allotment certificate to Periodic Patta

8.Legacy Data Updation

9.Mobile Number Updation

The polygon survey of NC villages will pave the way for granting land rights to indigenous landless people inhabiting these villages according to Land Policy, 2019.

Re-survey of all cadastral villages will pave way to clear titles.

The implementation of the mission shall enable achieving the goal of 100% Digitalization of Maps and total Integration of Maps, Land Records and Registration for the State under DILRMP. The citizens shall have access to real time land records.